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Superscale 48-467 for P-40E Warhawk




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Scott Van Aken




Early in the second world war, the only US aircraft available in numbers for the USAAF was the P-40 Warhawk. Because of that, it was used extensively in the Southwest Pacific trying to stem the Japanese juggernaut as it headed towards Australia. In an attempt to send over something to assist our Allies, the USAAF sent over the 49th Fighter Group and it's three squadrons of P-40Es. Operating out of Darwin, Australia and later Port Moresby, New Guinea, the 49th helped to stem the advance of the Japanese.

These aircraft were often decorated rather boldly with large images as a morale booster. As a result, we have some very colorful aircraft to model. I must confess a fondness for aircraft from this group, mainly because of the aircraft art. One can't really call it nose art as a lot of it was found on the fuselage side and on the rudder!

Superscale offers three aircraft on this sheet. There are enough common markings and stencils on the sheet to do all three aircraft. Unfortunately, on my copy, all the art work is badly off register. Enough, in fact, to make the sheet basically useless. However, that is my problem and I'll just have to get another sheet.

You may not be able to see it on the full sheet shown to the right, but all the browns and the black outlines are what is off register.

So here is what you get.

The first aircraft  is 'Dollye' flown by Lt. Eisenburg of the 8th FS. It is in standard colors with a large white pegasus on the fuselage side.

Next is Capt George Kiser's plane, also from the 8th FS. It has 7 kill markings and a large lion on the fuselage. This aircraft is painted field green on the upper surfaces.

Finally, 'Texas Longhorn', flown by Lt.J.D. Landers with five kill markings. This aircraft was obviously headed for the British as it is in British colors of medium green and sand uppers with a azure blue lower surface. 

Three very interesting schemes that should look good on your shelf. Now, if only we had a top rate P-40E kit in 1/48!

Review sheet courtesy of me and my wallet.

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