Sheet #

 Superscale 48-447, F-16C Falcon




175 TFS, South Dakota ANG
113 TFS, Indiana ANG
163 FS, Indiana ANG

Review By:

Scott Van Aken



Superscale sheet 48-477 is for Air National Guard F-16c Falcons. The two Indiana ANG aircraft are 'Boss Birds' for their respective fighter groups/wings.

Probably the most striking scheme is the 'Lobos' scheme from the South Dakota ANG aircraft. All three aircraft are in the usual three greys of FS 36118, 36270, and 36375 that is prevalent on the F-16.

As with all unit markings, there have been changes over the last few years that make this sheet obsolete. Many ANG units subtly change their markings every few years and while the change may not be a great one, it is enough to keep decal sheet makers on their toes. Of the three, the one most like what is in use today is the 175 FS one.

The 113 FS currently has their markings reversed with the 'Racers' on the tip and 'Indiana' on the base of the fin. All the color is now gone with all markings in grey, while the 163rd is doing a big makeover of their markings and unit name.

Probably the best available kit for the 1/48 F-16C is that by Hasegawa.