Superscale 48-368 for P-47D Razorbacks




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Scott Van Aken



The first really effective Thunderbolt was the P-47D. Many of the deficiencies of the C model were fixed and it was with this version that the outstanding ground attack capabilities of the T-bolt were first discovered. The Razorback version is also a favourite with many modelers and this sheet gives three very nice examples.

This is an older Superscale sheet and may not be readily available, but if you like the Thunderbolt, you should seek it out.

First in an overall natural metal P-47D from the 348th in the Pacific. It carries the black wing bands of this 5th AF unit when it was based in the Philippines. It also carries Maj. Dunham's impressive score tally on the fuselage side.

Next is  a 378th FS/362 FG bird called 'My Gal Sal' with the appropriate cheesecake artwork on the side of the nose. Like the next subject, this one is in olive drab over neutral grey with the required white nose and white stripes. These were to keep gunners from mistaking it for an FW-190.

Finally, there is 'Arizona Pete' from the 336 FS/4 FG before they transitioned to the Mustang. What makes this plane interesting is that it used the short-lived red surround insignia.

Any of these schemes will enliven your next T-bolt kit.

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