Superscale 48-177
A-7E Corsair II

$6.00 MSRP

Here is a sheet for early low-viz A-7E Corsair IIs.  Two of the aircraft are in overall light gull grey with black markings. The other is in the then new NTS (Navy Tactical Scheme) of 36440, 36320, and 36495, all matte colors. These schemes are circa 1982/83.

First is a VA-113 CAG bird from Jan 1983.  It is in the overall light gull grey and coded NM/300.

The next overall gull grey aircraft is from VA-56 from the USS Midway coded NF/407.

Finally is the NTS aircraft of VA-195 from 1982, coded NG/401.

There are enough stencils for one gull grey aircraft and the NTS aircraft. The instructions are pretty good but still a bit weak on the stencil placement.

Scott Van Aken