Superscale 48-169
ANG F-100C/D

MSRP $6.00

The Super Sabre is what many consider to be the best  and neatest looking of the Century Series. It lasted well into the 1970's in the hands of the Air National Guard, until replaced by the Phantom or A-7D.

This Microscale (later Superscale) sheet has markings for three 'Huns'. Probably the most colorful is the F-100C of the 188 TFS, New Mexico ANG.  All their Hun's were painted in overall ADC grey as a corrosion preventative and as a result produced a stunning looking aircraft.  

The other two schemes are for SEA camouflaged F-100D's from the 184 TFS Arkansas ANG and an ANG unit from Ohio. Frankly, I cannot place the unit as the 164th had a yellow tail band, but it wasn't checked.  The 112th had a checked tail band, but it was green! Anyone know?

The Ohio ANG bird has a 1776-1976 Bicentennial badge on it.  This would leave out the 164th TFS as they converted to the C-130 in 1975.  On the nose of the 184th TFS Hun is a small razorback hog in red.

  Since this is an old Microscale sheet, the instructions are clear and easy to read, a problem when Superscale took over and photocopied just one side of the Microscale instructions.

Scott Van Aken