Superscale 48-136: F-16A/B Falcons

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a real oldie in terms of Superscale/Microscale sheets. This one is for early F-16A/B Falcons and from the 78/79/80 Fiscal year builds. These are aircraft in service during 1981. Some have been since modified to ADF standard and probably all of them are in the boneyard if they haven't fallen victim to some sort of accident. I should mention that this sheet has the PACAF badges off register. Looking at another sheet, it has all the TAC badges off register so apparently there was a real problem with quality control when doing this sheet. All the subjects on this sheet are in the early scheme of FS-36118, 36270 and 36375 with a radome in 36270. The sheet also includes the walkway stripes that were soon to disappear after the first repaint.

Anyway, first up are a pair of planes from the 8th TFW in Kusan, Korea. Though not mentioned on the instructions, the blue tail stripe corresponds with the 35 TFS. There are also a set of cargo pod markings for this plane.

Next is a generic plane from the 388 TFW at Hill AFB. If I'm not too wrong 78-002 is the second production F-16.

Finally a pair of F-16Bs from the 474 TFW at Nellis AFB. First is 79-428 the 428 TFS Squadron CO's bird. The other is 79-430, the 430 TFS Squadron Commanders aircraft. The red tail band is for the 430 TFS aircraft and one should use the blue one for the 428 TFS.

The sheet is good enough to provide data for two planes and that includes instrument panel and side console decals. No kit is recommended, but nowadays, we'd pick the old, but still nice Hasegawa F-16A/B.

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