Superscale 48-092: A-1 Skyraiders

Units: VA-25 & VA-196


Long Out of Production


Scott Van Aken

This is yet another early Superscale sheet and designed for the Monogram A-1 Skyraider kit. Despite its age, it still makes into a very nice model, though it has been superceded by the much newer and much more expensive Tamiya offering. I'd not suggest the ancient Revell kit with the folding wings as it is a rather odd 1/40 scale!

Both aircraft on this sheet are in the light gull grey and white scheme. In both cases, insignia will have to come from an alternate source. If doing either of these schemes, you'll have to really grunge up the planes as Skyraiders were anything but clean!

The first of two schemes is from VA-25 aboard the USS Midway. This one has the Mig-kill on the side and may well be the actual plane in question. It is rather colorless as SpADs go with just a green tail tip and small unit badge.

A more colorful aircraft is this the next one from VA-196 with its nice orange and white comet on the side. It also and orange wing tips with a black outline band.

If you can find this sheet, you might consider using it for your next A-1 project.

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