Sheet #

 Superscale 48-080 F-100D




 481 TFS & 20 TFW

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


This is one of Microscale/Superscale's earlier sheets and though the subject can be found in the Monogram 1/48 HiTech F-100D as well as ESCI's 1/48 F-100D, this sheet is superior to either of those efforts.

The main subject of the sheet is the Wing Commander's aircraft, the famous Triple Zilch, 56-3000. Probably one of the most well known Huns, this is one of the many multi-colored schemes the aircraft flew in. It is also one of the easiest to do as there is no ancillary painting required; just the decals.

The other offering is a 481 TFS aircraft from the Vietnam War, Pretty Penny. Undoubtedly one of the nicer nose arts from the conflict, it seems that there should be some mission marks as well, but those are missing from the sheet.

Both aircraft are in Natural Metal or Painted Aluminum. While the sheet says natural metal, I believe that by this time they were painted aluminum instead. If you have a photo, that is the best way to tell. There are enough common markings for one aircraft, but you'll need another source for the national insignia.