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Microscale 48-075 for A-4M Skyhawks




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Scott Van Aken



With the anticipated issue of various Hobbycraft A-4 Skyhawks comes word that one of them will be an A-4M. This is very good news as the only other A-4M in this scale is the very scarce one by ESCI. The ESCI kit, while not bad, does not have all the proper A-4M accoutrements, basically, it does not have the proper canopy, using a rather oddly shaped one that looks more at home on an earlier A-4. 

With this kit coming, it is foreseeable that many of the very early Microscale sheets, such as this one, will finally have the opportunity to be utilized.

This particular sheet has markings for three aircraft. Oddly, the third aircraft is shown as a very small drawing on the sheet, almost as if it were an afterthought. Typical of early Microscale sheets in this scale, you are on your own in terms of insignia. Though one set of fuselage ones are provided, they are integral with one of the options.

All aircraft are painted in gull grey over white, though it is possible that the upper surface of the control surfaces was not white as is the norm. I suggest checking period photos to verify this.

First scheme is the one for the last aircraft delivered. It is devoid of serial number. The spine of the aircraft is insignia blue. Though the instructions don't state as much, I believe that the background of all the flags is in a light blue. Perhaps a reader will know.

Next is a Skyhawk from the training squadron, VMAT-102. This plane has a red tail and a striking eagle design on the fuselage side.

Finally, an early A-4M from VMA-311. This one does not have the tail tip antenna of the other two aircraft. 

All three schemes would look good on any A-4M.

Review copy courtesy of me and my now empty wallet!

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