Superscale 48-049: A-4 Skyhawks

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Long Out of Production


Scott Van Aken


Though many of these markings have been done before, Microscale (now Superscale) did them first. This 30 year old sheet has markings for four A-4E/F Skyhawks, all in the light gull grey over white scheme. Nowadays we'd use the Hasegawa or Hobbycraft kits, but these markings were designed for the Monogram Skyhawk, a kit that still builds into a nice model.

First up is one of the many 'Lady Jessie' aircraft from VA-164. As nice as these markings are, this plane is one that have, over time, become a bit of a cliche.

Almost the same could be said of the VA-192 CAG bird that is the next set of markings. In this case, the modeler has to paint in the various colors on the rudder.

From VC-1 comes this 'humped' A-4E. The blue fuselage band will need the builder to exercise his masking abilities!

Finally, another frequently done plane from VA-22. I'm not sure just what it is about this unit that makes their scheme so popular!

The sheet does not include insignia and has intake markings for only three of the schemes.

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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