Superscale 48-040: P-47 Thunderbolt

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Scott Van Aken

This is a rather early Microscale/Superscale sheet that covers four P-47s. Typical of many of these sheets, there are no common markings or insignia on them; those having to be found from the kit or other sources. As for available kits, while the sheet suggests nothing, there are lots of 1/48 P-47s around from Monogram, Testors/Hawk, Otaki/Arii, Hasegawa, and now Tamiya.

First of the four aircraft is the only bubble-top in the group and the most colorful of the lot as well. This one is 'Tarheel Hal' from the 366 FS/358 FG. It has an orange tail, and orange/yellow cowling. It also has an extended fin fillet that you'll have to make from scrap plastic as I'm not sure if any of the bubble top kits have this feature.

Next is a relatively drab razorback from the 63rd FS/56th FG. This one is called 'Spirit of Atlantic City' and is in OD over Neutral grey as are the rest of the planes on the sheet. It has white on the cowling and white tail/stabilizer stripes as well.

From the Pacific here is 'Pride of Lodi Ohio' from the341 FS/348 FG. It has a white tail with a yellow tip and a nice nose art on the cowling.

Finally, from the 319 FS/325 FG is this checker tailed P-47, 'Dallas Blonde'. The checks are part of the decal sheet and one simply paints the tail to match the cowling stripe's yellow.

Though an old sheet, one that has a number of interesting subjects.

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