Superscale 48-007: P-39 Airacobra

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long out of production


Scott Van Aken

One of the first Microscale/Superscale sheets was this one on the P-39. The recommended (and only) kit available was the Monogram P-39 kit, which still makes into a very nice model. Typical of early Microscale sheets, this one has you use most of the markings from the Monogram sheet and provides alternate bits and pieces to make the aircraft on the sheet. This provides a maximum number of options, but semi-defeats the purpose of aftermarket decals if one's kit decals are horrible. Of course, full insignia and other markings sheets were made available, which I guess is one type of marketing strategy to sell decals. What the sheet does provide are instrument panel decals for all six options.

Anyway, this sheet has lots of options. First off is the OD over Neutral Grey  'Pantie Bandit', a P-39L of the 93rd FS/81st FG. It has red bordered insignia on the fuselage and plain white barred insignia on the wings.

Z-28 is an RAF camouflaged P-39F of the 488 Fs/59 FG, which I believe was an advanced training unit in the US.

The P-39D in standard (OD over Neutral Grey) markings with the white wolf's head is from the 57 FS/54 FG.

'Bright Eyes' is a 399 FS P-400, also in standard colors but with British serials.

The next P-39D from the 39PS/31 PG is in full early/pre-war markings and has some door art as well.

Finally, a French P-39N from GC 1/4, also in standard US camouflage. The modeler will have to paint the rudder stripes and scrounge some roundels from an alternate source.

Overall, a nice selection of markings, few of which have been reproduced on other sheets.

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