Superscale 48-003: TA-4F/J Skyhawk

Units: Various


$long out of production


Scott Van Aken

As with probably 95% of all A-4 fans, I'm still waiting a really nice 1/48 TA-4 of some sort. Why this most important variant still hasn't been properly kitted in this scale is a true mystery to me. Perhaps the powers that be don't think it will sell. Frankly, I can't see how they can think that way. Had this variant been produced while the TA-4J was still the main fast jet trainer for the USN, they'd have sold tens of thousands of kits in Pensacola alone!

Well, no use weeping about it. One does have a TA-4 of sorts in the Fujimi kit or one can convert the Monogram OA-4M as have many, but it isn't the easiest route.

This sheet contains markings for four aircraft, though the insignia will have to be gleaned from another source. This is also the third 1/48 sheet produced by Microscale/Superscale so is probably a bit fragile after all those years.

First is a TA-4J from COMTRA WING II. As the commander's plane it is in excellent shape and has the trim in red (though I'm thinking it was probably international orange as is common on training planes). The large fin and fuselage marking along with the standard training colors will make this a very colorful plane.

Next is a VA-43 TA-4J. It has its trim colors in blue and this would also extend to the wing markings.

The red markings of the VA-127 plane could also be international orange, but it is best to check reference photos just to be sure.

The lone TA-4F is from H&MS-12. As a tactical aircraft, it would have been in light gull grey uppers with white lower surfaces and controls. The stripes on the rudder are alternating gold and red markings and will have to be painted. The raised ribs are gold.

Now all we need is a decent kit......

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