Superscale 72-906: Bud Anderson's Mustangs

Units: 357 FG




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet should be well received by Mustang Fanatics as it carries the markings of three of Clarence 'Bud' Anderson's aircraft. These particular decals are scaled to the Hasegawa Mustangs, probably as much due to the fact that Tamiya doesn't do a B as anything else.

The first one (and they are all called 'Old Crow'), is a pretty standard P-51 when they were first introduced. Just some mission markings and a white nose/forward cowling.

Next is his November 1944 aircraft with 17.25 kills. This one has white stripes around the wing along with the 357th's Red/Yellow striped spinner and checked forward cowling. D-Day stripes under the fuselage only.

The last one is the same aircraft with the OD/Neutral Grey stripped of it. The rudder has been painted red to match the 162nd FS colors.

Since this is 1/72 there are insignia, and D-Day stripes enough to do all the sheet options. A detailed data placement chart is on the instruction sheet.

June 2006

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