Superscale 72-900: S-3B Vikings

Units: VS-29 and VS-33




Scott Van Aken

Two nice S-3B Vikings from near the end of their service. Both are in overall FS 36320, making painting easy. The Hasegawa kit is recommended but you could use the Airfix version if you have one. Neither kit is a true S-3B so you'll need to make some small adjustments to bring them to specs.

First up is the CAG bird from VS-38. Fin and stabilizer tips in red.

The other is a one-off SSU Viking with VS-29. This is basically a radio relay aircraft used to help plot positions during the Iraq invasion. It needs to have a small antenna bulge on the lower gear door and both need GPS antennas added, though neither shows one.  This is also a CAG bird with fin and stab tips in black.

Common markings and nose anti-glare panels for both.

May 2006

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