Superscale 72-895: TBM Avengers

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Scott Van Aken

This second Avenger sheet also has four markings options, though more 'standard' than on the previous sheet. Again, the recommended kit is by Hasegawa, but as always, Academy and Airfix kits will work just as well.

In overall gloss sea blue is a TBM-3 from the USS Shamrock Bay's VT -94. The tail logo is, of course, a shamrock!

From VT-7 aboard the USS Hancock is this tri-color TBM-1C. It has the horseshoe tail markings.

Another glossy sea blue TBM-3 is this third one from VT-85 aboard the USS Shangri-La. It sports a lightning bolt design.

Finally, in the tri-color scheme, is this VC-88 TBM-1c from the USS Saginaw Bay. This one has a sea blue fin, which is a bit unusual.

March 2006

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