Superscale 72-894: TBM Avengers

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Scott Van Aken

Moving on to some older subjects, here is another batch of downsized markings for the 1/72 crowd. You have four very different camouflage options for this one, which should make for a most interesting display if you choose to do them all. These markings are scaled to fit the Hasegawa kit, but really, if you wanted to use the Academy or Airfix kit or any other they should work just as well.

First up is a TBM-1C from VC-76 in early 1945. This one is in the standard tri-color camo scheme.

To the right is another TBM-1C but this time from VC-42 in the Atlantic. It has the Atlantic scheme of Dark Gull Grey over White.

Bottom left is a TBM-3 from VT-82 aboard the USS Bennington and is in overall gloss sea blue.

Finally in  a night scheme from VT(N)-90 is this TBM-3. It uses the tri-color scheme but replaces the underside color with matte sea blue.

Thanks to the simplicity of the markings, you have insignia and a selection of data markings for all four options.

March 2006

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