Superscale 72-893: S-3B Viking

Units: VS-22




Scott Van Aken

The second reduced S-3 Sheet is for VS-22 and surprise, it is a CAG bird! Once again, overall FS 36320 with the appropriate color markings. Hasegawa and Airfix offer kits in this scale and I'll supply the link to the S-3B features for those of you who might want to update this kit.

The sheet itself offers a number of nice bits not found on the 1/48 sheet due to space limitations. This one has the red warning stripes for the sonobouy chutes, a black nose anti-glare panel, and the grey fiberglass panels for where the ASW guys used to be. You'll also find separate red bits for the insignia as this was the only way to assure no registration problems with the insignia, an on-going problem with Microscale's printing.

A great sheet that should have you blowing the dust off your Hasegawa S-3 kit!

March 2006

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