Superscale 72-892: S-3B Viking

Units: VS-30




Scott Van Aken

No need to deprive 1/72 scale modelers when a great 1/48 sheet is produced, so Superscale has recudec a recent sheet down for those who prefer this scale to the larger one. This is for an S-3B and as most of us know, there is no dedicated S-3B kit in any scale. For this sheet, the Hasegawa kit is the one recommended, though there is also an Airfix kit. Fortunately, they are pretty good ones, though a tad bare in the cockpit. Aftermarket will take care of the cockpit and the B mods.  Here is a short photo essay showing these external differences.

This sheet is for the CAG bird from VS-30 and one of the few Vikings to ever sport a sharkmouth.  The aircraft is, for all purposes, overall FS 36320 and is probably a bit ratty. The wing tip pods seem to be painted an overall matte black and they might as well have been as all the ASW electronics and probably the ESM suite was disabled years ago when the mission went away. The sheet provides doubles of the white rudder diamonds to prevent the red from bleeding through and there are all the intake warnings and sonobouy chute warnings you would want on the decals. Even a nose anti-glare panel, making this an especially complete sheet.

March 2006

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