Superscale 72-887: P-47D Thunderbolts

Units: 56 & 352 FG


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

This second 1/72 sheet covers a nice pair of razorback Thunderbolts from the 56 FG. The recommended kit for this is the Hasegawa version, though I see no reason why one couldn't use the Tamiya or Airfix or other razorback P-47.

The first aircraft is 'Red Raider' from the 328 FS/352 FG. It is in the standard markings of the day with white cowl front and stripes on the tail planes. This OD/Neutral Grey jug has the red surround insignia.

The other option is 'Stalag Luft III/I Wanted Wings' P-47D-22 from the 62nd FS/56 FG. It is in Olive Drab with Medium Sea Grey undersides and fuselage. The yellow rudder and red nose add color as do the Invasion stripes on the undersides of the fuselage and wings. The wing stripes will have to be painted by the modeler.

A full data diagram is included in the instructions for all those data markings and there are enough for one aircraft.

January 2006

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