Superscale 72-879: P-47D Thunderbolts

Units: 86 and 530 FG


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

The second P-47D sheet also covers two unpainted metal aircraft. Again, no specific kit is recommended.

The first is 'Ole Missouri/The Jawbone' from the 527 FS/86 FG in Corsica during 1944. It has a read cowl front and yellow cowl flaps. The instructions state that they have no evidence of the red stripes fitting under the tail planes, but provide them in case you wish to use them.

The second subject is 'Torrid Tessie/Philadephia Philly' of the 246 FS/530 FG, also on Corsica in 1944. It is a pretty bland P-47D-30 compared to the first one, but it does have a nice checkerboard fin. This version also has the fin fillet so plan accordingly when searching out a kit.

Insignia for both and a full stencil suite for one are provided. The instructions have an excellent data placement guide.

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