Superscale 72-878: P-47D Thunderbolts

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Scott Van Aken

I may have slept through the 1/48 sheets for the planes represented here, so these may be new markings (though I doubt it looking at the 2003 copyright date). It is great to see something new in 1/72 for the P-47D, especially when there are some great kits out there. Now these unpainted metal aircraft have no specific kit, though I do believe that most will head for the Tamiya version. There is also a very nice Hasegawa kit in 1/72, though it has a pretty bland cockpit. T-bolts are done by others as well, though the markings may not be a perfect fit in those cases.

First up is 'Ponnie' from the 64 FS/57 FG in Corsica during 1944. It has a red forward cowling and also has yellow stripes on the fin and wings.

The other is 'Rat a Dat' from the 350 FS/353 FG in England during 1943 (naah, that must be 1944 as I don't think bubbletops reached Europe until then). Anyway, it has D-Day stripes and a yellow/black checked cowling. The instructions go into great detail on how to apply the cowling stripes.

I should mention that is appears that both planes have the Curtiss-Electic prop and 'Ponnie' has the fin fillet typical on D-30 aircraft, though some were retrofitted. There are insignia for both and a full data suite for one.

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November 2005

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