Superscale 72-875: 352 FG P-51D Mustang

Units: 328 FS & 487 FS


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

Two aces on this sheet and these are both P-51Ds. Both have the large blue noses as used in the later months of the war, and the Hasegawa P-51D is the recommended kit. Actually, I'd bet most will use the very nice Tamiya kit for this one. Both are overall unpainted metal with aluminum dope wings.

First up is George Preddy's 'Cripes A Mighty' from December 1944. This 328 FS aircraft has a red rudder and invasion stripes on the lower wings and fuselage. Invasion stripes are offered as a decal and look very nice.

'Moonbeam McSwine' is William Whisner's early P-51D without the fin fillet. It has a medium blue rudder for the 487 FS.

There is a mixture guide provided to get the shades of blue correct for this one as none of them matches anything currently pre-mixed. A full stencil suite is provided for both with an excellent guide.

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October 2005

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