Superscale 72-874: 354 FG P-51B Mustangs

Units: 353 and 356 FS


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

Though it says P-51D on the envelope and instructions, these are a pair of Malcolm Hooded P-51Bs from the 354 FG. There are a ton of kits for the 1/72 Mustang, though these markings are sized for the Academy kit.

First up is SHellelagh from the 353 FS. This plane has a yellow spinner that must be painted. The airframe is in unpainted metal with invasion stripes on the underside of the wings and fuselage. These are provided on the sheet and actually don't look too bad.

The other is 'Short Fuse Salle' of the 356 FS. It is in the aerly markings of OD over neutral grey with a white nose and white wing and stabilizer bands. These will have to be painted on.

There are enough insignia and data markings for both aircraft. An excellent placement guide is included.

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September 2005

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