Superscale 72-873: F-16C Falcon

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Scott Van Aken

Three nice F-16Cs for you on this one. You get one 'early' and two 'late' schemes. The early scheme is FS 36118/36270/36375. The later one removes the FS 36375, making the aircraft and models easier to paint. Recommended kit is the Hasegawa F-16C as these markings are scaled for it. Others can be used if you wish, though the markings may not be perfect fits.

First up is the boss bird from the 512 TFS that was based at Ramstein in 1985. This is in the early scheme and the unit has since disappeared in the drawdown after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Next is from the 132 FW, Iowa ANG. This is also a boss bird with the very nice snake motif on the fin.

The third is also an ANG bird from the 163 FS, Indiana ANG at Fort Wayne. This and the previous ANG bird is in the later scheme.

Insignia and some standard markings for all three. There is a full data suite as well, but this would probably only be used on the Ramstein plane.

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September 2005

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