Superscale 72-867: P-38J Lightnings

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Scott Van Aken

How about another fine sheet of P-38s. This one is for the P-38J and the recommended kit is actually not listed, but I'd bet that the Academy kit will be the choice of many. Other options are Hasegawa, Frog, and Airfix, to name a few.

First up is Tommy McGuire's 'Pudgy V' a P-38J-15 from when he was with the 431 FS/475 FG. I do believe this was his last ride and it is in overall unpainted metal with red trim.

Next is 'Journey's End', the aircraft of Joseph Meyers of the 38 FS/55 FG. This P-38J-10 is in OD over Neutral Grey and base in Europe.

Finally  there is the P-38J-10 'Hey Stuff' from the 394 FS/367 FG, another European unit. THis one is also unpainted metal with an unknown color on the tip of the nose.

Since it is 1/72 there are insignia for all and a data suite for one aircaft.

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August 2005

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