Superscale 72-865: P-38J/L Lightnings

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Scott Van Aken

If you have a P-38 that has been begging for a nice aftermarket sheet, your wait is over. Matched for the Academy kit, this sheet should work well on the P-38s of other companies with a bit of fudging. If you read my review of the Academy P-38, then you know that out of the box is most closely represents a P-38J-10/20 so do do the L variant accurately, some additions and mods will have to be made (such as adding the compressibility flaps). Both of these aircraft are in overall unpainted metal.

First up is 'Pacific Prowler', a P-38L-5 flown by Clint Ward of the 44 FS/18 FG. This aircraft has nice yellow checkers on the radiators and engine fronts. The instructions say the nose is blue, but I'd bet it really is yellow.

The other option is 'St. Louis Blues' from the 433 FS/475 FG. This one has blue trim and a blue forward spinner section. The shark mouths add some interest to the aircraft.

The sheet provides insignia for both and a very extensive data marking suite. The instructions have an excellent data placement guide.

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August 2005

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