Superscale 72-863: P-40N Warhawks

Units: 25 FG, 80 FG, and 3 FG CACW


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

The second new P-40N sheet has a bunch of mean-mouthed options on it. All these are in OD over Neutral Grey, so no fancy painting required on any of these. Most will opt for the Hasegawa or Academy kit. Frankly, the only other small P-40N I can think of is the one by Monogram and I think that is something like 1/65 or the like. It is bigger than the usual 1/72 kit.

First up is from the 80th FG in India. This 90 FS aircraft has a blue spinner.

Next is from the 51 FS/25 FG (or is that 25 FS/51 FG?) and is called Sing Pao with a n OD and white spinner with red tip. I used this scheme on my 1/48 P-40N and it looks really sharp.

The final is from the 3rd FG CACW (Chinese-American Combat Wing) and called 'Boss Hog'. It is in full Chinese markings with a huge shark mouth. Very scary.

Full insignia and data markings for all along with some nice bomb stencils should you wish them. A good markings guide as well for these items.

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July 2005

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