Superscale 72-862: P-40N Warhawks

Units: 15 FG, 49 FG, 80 FG


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

It has been a while since there have been decals for 1/72 Warhawks and this is the first of two from Superscale. A nice selection of stuff, mostly gleaned from earlier 1/48 sheet and still appreciated. Kits for the P-40N will basically boil down to two; Hasegawa and Academy. Both have their plusses and really, it all depends on what you have stashed away or can find on sale.

First up is 'Squirrelbate' from the 8 FS/49 FG in New Guinea around 1943. This early -5 version is in Medium Green/Middlestone over Azure Blue. The tail is white with checkerboards and the spinner is white and yellow, making for a pretty colorful aircraft.

Next is the Desert Tan over Azure Blue 'Tweedie II' based in the Gilbert Islands with the 45 FS/15 FG. A really boring tour of duty it must have been as rarely did these folks see any enemy.

Finally from the very popular 80th FG, comes this skull-shrouded P-40N-1 of Pilot Officer Sam Hammer in 1944. Only the skull and blue spinner break up the OD/Neutral Grey camo.

Insignia and data for all along with some bomb data. Such nice schemes that you really need to buy three kits!

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July 2005

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