Superscale 72-861: RA-5C Vigilante

Units: RVAH-9 and RVAH-11


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

The second sheet is also a shrunk down new 1/48 sheet. Again, the new Trumpeter kit is the one for which it was designed, though you could easily adapt these to the Airfix, Hasegawa or Revell kit. That last option would be a real waste of a decal sheet.

First option is for an RVAH-9 aircraft allegedly from the USS Nimitz in 1977. Were this plane actually aboard the Nimitz, it would have the Nimitz CAG's AJ tail code instead of the shore based code letters.

The other aircraft from aboard the USS Constellation in 1972 has the nice checker tails of RVAH-11.

The first aircraft will have to be somewhat modified as the Trumpeter kit is a later build RA-5C with a few airframe differences.

This sheet has insignia and data markings for both options.

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July 2005

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