Superscale 72-859

Units: VMAQ-1, 2, & 3


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

Finally, someone has come out with some new markings for 1/72 EA-6B Prowlers. Not sure why these aircraft are not popular as they have outlasted the 'standard' A-6s by many years and will be around for years to come. Perhaps it is that there is but one kit (that I can think of) in 1/72 scale. That is the now elderly Hasegawa EA-6B. Maybe we need a more modern molding to get the modeling juices flowing.

This sheet offers markings for three of the four USMC EA-6B units. All of them are the the tactical paint scheme of FS 35237, 36230, 36375, with one exception. That is the last plane which has forsaken that for an overall 36320 scheme.

The three units are VMAQ-1 'Banshees' with the skull on the fin. This one has orange eyes. I have seen other colors in those eyes. Next are the 'Moon Dogs of VMAQ-3. Again, I've seen other colored eyes aside from the green that is shown here.

Finally, VMAQ-2s commander's plane with the black canopy surround and black fin. These folks are known as the 'Panthers'. One of these units used to be called the 'Playboys' with the corresponding rabbit head, but that went away with the incoming of political correctness. I find that a bit odd as the purpose of the military is to kill the other guy and there isn't anything politically correct about that......

The kit offers common markings for all three planes and even gives us the upper fuselage walk areas in the appropriate shade. Thanks!

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June 2005

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