Superscale 72-858: RA-5C Vigilante

Units: RVAH-7 & RVAH-14


$ *.00


Scott Van Aken

What we have here is a downsized version of the two latest 1/48 sheet. With the addition of the new Trumpeter 1/72 RA-5C, that now makes four kits in this scale. First is the Airfix kit, then the Hasegawa kit, a really horrible one by Revell and now the Trumpeter version. The Hasegawa kit is not an easy build as it is one of their very early molds. Haven't built the Airfix or Trumpeter kits so cannot comment on those. Stay away from the Revell version unless pain is something you enjoy.

The two aircraft are from RVAH-7 aboard the Connie in 1969, and an RVAH-14 aircraft from the Indy in 1974. Both of these are in the light gull grey and white scheme. They are both early build aircraft so you may have to modify your kit if it has the extended wing strakes. These need to be removed and is a relatively simple operation.

You get insignia and stencils for both. The instructions have a good stencil placement diagram.

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May 2005

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