Superscale 72-853: A-1 Skyraider

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Scott Van Aken

It only makes economic sense to resize decal sheets. This not only makes maximum use of the artwork, but also provides interesting schemes for the various different scales. In this case, it is SS48-993 than has been given this treatment. The markings are scaled for the Hasegawa kit, but there are a number of other 1/72 Skyraiders out there that could be used. For instance, Airfix, Fujimi, Tsukuda, and Hobbycraft (among those I could think of) all do reasonable Skyraiders. You may have to fudge the tail markings on the USAF version, but it should be easy enough to do.

The first aircraft is a most colorful aircraft as flown by the CO of the 6 SOS. Named 'SPAD DAD' this aircraft has a large red, white, and blue fin with the same three colors applied to the prop tips. Painted in the standard SEA camouflage scheme, I'd be willing to bet that this one was kept a bit cleaner than the rest of the unit's aircraft!

The other is a VA-165 'Boomers' A-1H from the USS Intrepid's 1966 cruise. This aircraft has a large number of mission markings on it and a yellow fin tip (though I'd have thought it would be green to match the fuselage marking, but it isn't). A nice touch is that the insignia for the fuselage are provided in both solid and 'pre cut' versions for placement over the side speed brakes. There are also wing walk decals provided.


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