Superscale 72-849: A-4M Skyhawks

Units: VMA-311


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

Not often that we have two aircraft from the same unit on a decal sheet, but in this case, it makes for an interesting combination. VMA-311 was one of the first units to be equipped with the A-4M so two of their light gull grey over white aircraft are on this sheet. One is an early A-4M and the other a later version. This sheet is sized for the Fujimi kit, which is probably the best one on the market. Matchbox also do an M version and I'm not sure if Italeri does one or not, though I'd not be surprised.

I'm going to be a bit backwards on this. The earlier plane is the lower scheme without the additional antennas on the fin tip, nose and lower tail. It has a yellow leading edge to its fin which you will have to paint. The rest is provided as a decal.

The later version is with all the new antennas. It also has a slightly different camo pattern to the nose area. It has lost the tail color and gained a tomcat!

Insignia and data markings are provided for both aircraft. Superscale also includes tail hook decals, wing walk decals and decals for the nose anti-glare panel. If you want to do an even later A-4M, I do believe that one of the Fujimi boxings included a lo-vis scheme.

April 2005

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