Superscale 72-843: P-47D Thunderbolt

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Scott Van Aken

For those who are tired of all the 8th and 9th AF P-47s, here is a sheet for the 5th AF in the Pacific. Both aircraft are from 1944 and are devoid of the usual camouflage, being a nice bare metal. The decals are scaled for the Tamiya kit, but many will want to give them a try on the Hasegawa, or Academy or Revell AG versions among several that are available. The sheet includes full insignia for both, data for one and the black stripes for the one option. You may want to consider painting the fuselage ones as it would be easier.

First up is Art Marston's 311 FS/58 FG razorback. It has a light blue background to its fine nose art. This aircraft uses the 12'2" Curtiss Electric prop.

The other us Bill Dunhams's P-47D-23 when he was CO of the 348 FG. This aircraft has a 13' Curtiss Electric prop. It is the one with the black stripes, and also has the upper surface of the fuselage still in OD. For this scheme, extra white backgrounds for the insignia have been provided to help stop bleed through of the black stripes.

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