Superscale 72-841: F-15E Strike Eagle

Units: 4 FW


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken


As with the previous Strike Eagle sheet, two of the aircraft are repeats from the 1/48 version. Again, the Hasegawa kit is recommended, but it needs an update set as it really isn't a production Strike Eagle. All planes are in overall Gunship Grey FS 36118. The sheet provides full insignia and some data markings for all three planes.

First up is 'Dirty Bird' from the 336 FS.

Next is 'Mighty Mouse', also from the 336 FS. Apparently only this unit took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom as only planes from the 336 seem to have mission markings on it.

From the 335 FS comes '493, the number of the beast' with a nice ghoul on the nose.

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