Superscale 72-840: F-15E Strike Eagle

Units: 4 FW


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken


This new Strike Eagle sheet is basically a reduced down 1/48 sheet with a third aircraft added. All planes are overall FS 36118 Gunship Grey and the recommended kit is by Hasegawa. Actually, 1/72 scale is not well represented as this and the Academy kit are basically just warmed over F-15Ds. There is no truly accurate F-15E in this scale and perhaps Revell AG will be kind enough to provide one!

First up is 'Dragon Betty II' with its rather gaudy nose art. This one is from the 336 FS.

Also from the 366 FS is 'A cry for the fallen' with its wolf nose art.

The new one is a 335 FS aircraft, 'Creeping Death. Unlike the previous aircraft, this one has no mission markings on the nose so was probably not in combat.

 Insignia and data markings are provided for all three aircraft.

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