Superscale 72-838: P-51B Mustang

Units: 357 FG


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

Undoubtedly the most modeled P-51 unit of WWII was the 357 FG. Something about the red and yellow checkers I guess. Well Superscale has downsized some of its 1/48 P-51 sheets to 1/72 scale for us to do more 357th planes. Since it is 1/72, there are insignia for all  and data markings for two of the planes. The one with the fuselage D-day stripes has those included. All are in the OD over Neutral grey camouflage scheme.

First up is 'Berlin Express' from the the 363rd FS. This one is the plane with the invasion stripes and it also has a replacement Malcolm Hood.

From the 364th FS comes 'Pregnant Polecat'. It is about as standard a P-51B as you will find.

Rounding out the squadrons is this one from the 362nd FS. Shanty Irish also has a Malcom Hood and a respectable number of mission marks. It is also the only one of the three with a radio mast.

Though no kit is specified, many modelers will go for the Hasegawa kit, though there are ones from Airfix, Heller, and others that should do just as well.

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