Superscale 72-837: S-3A Viking

Units: VS-21 and VS-32


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

For the second new S-3A sheet we have these two CAG birds. Both are light gull grey over white and since they are older markings, I have the suspicion that they should also have the white stripe around the back of the cockpit section. It wasn't until the second or third repaint that this feature was left off. Below is an image from 1976, after VS-21 had been operating the type for several years that shows this feature.

As you can see this and the aircraft on the sheet are nearly identical and you get a good idea of what areas should be painted what colors from this image. You'll also notice that there is some small difference in the way that the lightning bolt is done on the two planes. The sheet plane is from their first cruise as it carries the two digit 'modex' instead of the three digit 7xx series these planes used for the majority of their service life. That means add the white area!

The other is from VS-32 and is also a CAG bird. As you can see from the image below, this one is also a CAG bird but lacking the three digit modex and additional color that is shown in the decal sheet plane. Yet it is representative of the early markings that these planes used. You can even see that some of the wing tip pod antennas were a buff color surrounding the antenna elements. Take a look at the starboard wing tip pod and you'll see what I mean.

Since these are 1/72 sheets, there are full markings for both planes and anti-glare panels are also provided on the sheet.

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