Superscale 72-836: S-3A/B Vikings

Units: VS-29 and VS-30


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

Superscale has a huge library of past decal sheets and markings, so it is only normal that they draw from those when producing new sheets. This information may come from a 1/48 sheet and down-sized or it may come from an older sheet from 25 years ago and just reformatted. Hopefully, they will have done a touch of research to ensure that no glitches have managed to creep over from previous efforts. For the most part that is done, thoug sometimes things do creep in.

This sheet covers two Light Gull Grey over White aircraft. For the kit, you have the choice of either the Hasegawa or the Airfix kit. Both have their plusses and both build into very nice models. Both are also over 25 years old so don't expect engraved panel lines and detailed cockpits as you won't get them!

There is a VS-29 CAG bird from the early years of the Viking, though not the initial outfitting batch. You can tell, as brand new planes had a white stripe behind the black cockpit area that his one is lacking. You'll notice that the early S-3As did not carry 'slime lights'.  You'll note in the image below of the '201 bird, that its serial is one higher than the sheet's '700'.

The other is an S-3B from VS-38; also a CAG bird. Frankly, you could easily build this as an S-3A as the markings are  identical. See the image below for a rather ratty looking CAG S-3A. Please note that the area at the base of the fin is a shadow of the wing and not a black walk area.

Markings are there for both aircraft and a set of anti-glare panel decals has been added, which is a nice touch.

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