Superscale 72-780: 475 FG P-38L Lightnings

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Scott Van Aken


This 1998 sheet covers three unpainted P-38Ls from the 475 FG. No kit is specified, but with the very nice Academy P-38J released about a year or so ago, this one would be the choice of most modelers. Other options are from Hasegawa and Airfix and Frog amongst those that come readily to mind.

First up is Elliot Summer's aircraft from the 432nd FS. It has yellow trim and the modeler will have to paint much of this, though the sheet does offer the fine black trim stripes.

Next is F.E. Fenton's 'Glop Glop', from the 431st FS. Trim on this one is in Red.

Finally, Louis DuMontier's 'Madu V/Wanda', also from the 431st FS. It is also trimmed in red.

There are common markings and insignia for two aircraft and a stencil placement guide is provided with the sheet.

Just a note that the L was the last of the wartime Lightnings and so be sure that the compressibility flaps are included on your kit as this was a very distinctive feature of this variant.

July 2005

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