Superscale 72-702: Desert Storm A-10 Warthogs

Units: 706 TFS


$ Long out of production


Scott Van Aken


Another from the depths is this sheet for the A-10A Warthog. There is no specific kit recommended for this one and there are a number in this scale from Hasegawa, Italeri, and Academy to name a few. All these are painted in the lizard wraparound camo scheme and a most detailed painting guide is provided in the instructions.

All aircraft are from the 706 TFS/924 TFG based in New Orleans. Though they did convert to the F-16 for a short time in 1992, they converted back to the A-10 in 1996.

The sheet provides markings for three aircraft, all with red fin caps and various nose markings and mission tallies. The aircraft are 77-0277, 77-0260, and 76-0544.

Full data markings are included for two of those planes and there are a goodly number of markings for missiles and bombs on the sheet, a very nice touch.

Though this sheet has a print date of 1995, it may still be found if you look around enough.

February 2007

This one is from the decal dungeon.

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