Superscale 72-676 P-61 Black Widow

Units: 6th NFS


$ Long out of production


Scott Van Aken

Another older sheet, though not ancient, being from 1993, is this one on the P-61 Black Widow. There are two aircraft on this sheet, both from the 6th NFS operating out of the Bonin Islands in 1945

First up is 'Sleepy Time Gal' in overall gloss black with the  red serial numbers.

The other is 'Nightie Mission' also with the 6th NFS. This one is in the earlier OD over Neutral Grey scheme with a translucent nose cap. This aircraft has the yellow serial numbers.

As this is an older sheet, the crispness of the printing isn't up to today's standards, but still isn't that bad. There are wing walk areas and data markings for both aircraft and a fine placement guide in the instructions.

In terms of kits, I'm sure this one was designed for the then-recently issued Dragon/DML kit of the P-61. The other kit I know of is the Airfix version. Not exactly cutting edge, but still something that can be built into a nice model.

February 2007

This one is from the decal dungeon.

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