Superscale 72-648: EA-6B Prowler

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Scott Van Aken


Another somewhat older sheet from the decal dungeon. This was done near the end of the time before recently when 1/72 sheets were not being produced. It includes three EA-6Bs from the Gulf War in the standard tactical paint scheme. Kits are not easy to come by as only Hasegawa and Matchbox did these in this scale. The Hasegawa kit is preferred, but not always easily available.

First up is from VAQ-131 Lancers. It has markings for seven HARM launches on the nose.

Next is from VAQ-141 and has a nice nose art on the right side.

The last offering is from VAQ-137 Rooks and also has seven Harm launch symbols on the nose.

The sheet includes basic data and insignia for two aircraft: one with medium grey and the other with dark grey markings.

September 2006

Review copy courtesy of your editor and his wallet.

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