Superscale 72-646: OA-37 Dragonfly

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Scott Van Aken

From back before Superscale stopped doing 1/72 sheets for the first time in the early 1990s, this sheet is for the OA-37B Dragonfly. Back then, we had but the Hasegawa kit and it was not a bad one at all. Now we have the nicer Academy kit. I'm sure these markings were for the Hasegawa version.

First up is on with the 19th TASG based at Osan in Korea during 1984. It is in overall FS 36118 gunship grey. The blue fin tip is provided as a decal, but you'd be better off painting it.

Next is one with the 6512 Test Squadron at Edwards AFB in 1990. As was the norm with most of that unit's planes, it is in gloss white with international orange-red on the fine and horizontal stabilizers.

Finally from Escuadron de Combat 411 of the Colombian AF, is one of eight planes sent by Bush I to help fight drug lords. It is in the lizard wrap camo of FS 34079 Dark Green and FS 35081 Dark Grey. Unfortunately only one side is shown so you are on your own in determining the rest of the camouflage pattern.

There are enough insignia and data markings to do all three options.

May 2007

Review copy courtesy of your editor and his collection.

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