Superscale 72-584: AV-8B Harrier II

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Scott Van Aken

When the Harrier II came out, we were not blessed with a decent kit. Italeri did one, but it was a pre-production/prototype version . We had to wait until Airfix did a GR.5/7 and then backdate it a bit to get a semi-decent AV-8B. Finally, a few years back, Hasegawa decided it was time to enter the Harrier II market and has produced several very fine kits that have been updated to include the latest versions.

This sheet is from the first AV-8Bs so is in the very old scheme of  FS 36173 Dark Grey/34079 Dark Green in a wrap-around camouflage scheme.

Aircraft are from VMA-223 'Bulldogs', VMA-311 'Tomcats', and VMA-331 'Bumble Bees'. Markings on these planes are rather minimalist so the sheet has a lot of extra space. However, there are enough bits to do two of the planes on the sheet. Those of you with good memories will note right away that this is merely a scaled down version of one of their 1/48 sheets.

Review copy courtesy of me and my ability to hunt these things up at swap meets!

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