Superscale 72-530: AD-6/7 Skyraiders

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a very nice sheet from the mid 1980s. It covers a nice trio of Skyraiders. Kits for the A-1H/J are/were done by Hasegawa, Fujimi, Tsukuda, and Airfix to name all that I can think of at this time. I'm sure I missed some.

First up is an aircraft from Air Wing 9 and assigned to VA-95 in 1956. This is an AD-7, the last batch made. There were not that many -7s built and the main difference that I can tell is that many were retrofitted with the Yankee escape system, otherwise they were near identical to the earlier -6s. This aircraft is in the Light Gull Grey over White scheme and carries green wing bands from participating in some sort of exercise.

An AD-6 is the second scheme on this sheet. This is from the USS Shangri-La in 1957 and has some nice green and white rudder stripes  as well as a green nose flash. No specific overall color info is given so I suspect it was also in the newer scheme.

Finally, another AD-6, this time from VA-65 aboard the USS Intrepid during 1960. The builder will need to paint the tail orange to match the fuselage lightning bolt.

There are sufficient insignia and data markings for all three planes on this sheet.

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