Superscale 72-505: P-3 Orion

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$ Currently OOP. Sheet printed in the early 1980s


Scott Van Aken

Another oldie from the near empty decal dungeon, this one on the P-3 Orion. As it was when this sheet was released 25 years back, there is only one kit in 1/72, but it is a nice one by Hasegawa.

All of the aircraft on this sheet are P-3Cs and all are in the white over light gull grey scheme.

First up is a sharkmouthed aircraft from VP-56. It has a red/white/blue fin tip in honor of the Bicentennial.

Next is a VP-9 airplane with its nice tail motif in shades of blue.

Finally, an aircraft from VP-5. It has an interesting fox with a hammer fin marking that is different on each side.

The sheet comes with insignia enough for one and very basic data markings for two.

September 2007

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