Superscale 72-504: P-3A/C Orion

Units: VP-31 & VP-67


$ Currently OOP. Sheet printed in 70's


Scott Van Aken

It is always fun to look back at decals sheets from the past. I know that I'll get e-mails wanting to know where to get it, but the sad fact is that this sheet hasn't been around for 25 years or more. They can still be found at swap meets if one looks carefully or from those businesses that cater to reselling collections. The only kit for this is the still nice Hasegawa kit; a kit that makes into a very large and impressive model.

Both of these schemes are the light gull grey and white version with black radomes and nose anti-glare panels. These are from the days of full color tail markings and while some of these markings are returning to the now heavily depleted patrol squadron community, they just aren't as colorful.

The first aircraft on the sheet is from VP-67 one of the reserve units out of Memphis, TN that was flying the P-3A variant.

The other is from the west coast training squadron from Moffett Field; VP-31.

To my knowledge, both of these units are now gone, victims of the post Desert Storm patrol squadron purge.  The sheet includes markings and data for both though you'll have to glean two insignia for the second option.

January 2006

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