Superscale 72-359: 12 TFW badges plus

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Scott Van Aken

Back many, many years ago, Superscale (then Microscale) decided to try something a bit different. Back then, it was more common for modelers to put together individual letter/number combinations to make specific markings for a model they were doing. What was often missing was a unit badge of some sort.

Thus began a series of sheets based on wings/squadrons  to allow modelers to make that special aircraft. They come in a variety of sized to enable them to be used in several different scales.

This set is for the 12th TFW. It includes wing badges and badges for the four squadrons in it, the 556th, 557th, 558th and 559th.  These badges are for their F-4Cs coded XD, circa 1967. After the war, the unit was disbanded, but reformed with T-37s and T-38s with the 12 FTW. Originally, the 12th was a WWII bomber unit that was later briefly activated to fly F-84s with SAC from 1952-56.

The other badges, are from the 32nd TFS, that was never part of a wing and flew from Soesterburg in the Netherlands. They flew a variety of planes during their existence starting with P-36/39/40/38/47 aircraft and later, when they moved, flying F-86s, F-100s, F-102s, F-4Es and were flying F-15s when the unit was disbanded after Desert Storm.

A most interesting sheet and while the concept never caught on, it is well worth seeking.

January 2007

Review copy courtesy of my decal collection.

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